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Travel Beautiful

#Traveling is always a very worthy endeavor, you get to see countless incredible number of things and sometimes have a completely life-changing experience. You see and meet different people, learn more about their culture and overall have a great time with family, friends, your partner, or even just by yourself.

No matter your destination or reason for travel you really want to look your best at all times, and yes it is possible. In order to enlighten you and other ladies around the globe, I'll be walking you through some lovely beauty travel tips to help prepare you for a splendid traveling experience. Where you get to travel and look stress-free, glowing and with the captivating look you deserve.

  1. Get informed about the climate

Conducting a research about the climate of your travel destination is an important tip to take note of. With this knowledge, you will be able to care for your hair properly. A hot climate will require that you pack a hair product that reduces curling of the hair, while for a dry climatic destination you'll need some shampoo or conditioner with moisturizing effects.

  1. Don't forget your beauty kit

The next thing to do before boarding your flight is to get prepared by packing up what is necessary in your beauty kit. This will help kill time and ensure nothing is left out. Make sure your kit is well equipped and while packing do not forget the Olaplex Traveling Stylist Kit. This will keep your hair softer, shinier and with less frizz throughout your journey. The fact that it is simple to use and perfect for on-location use makes it all the more a necessity for your travel.

  1. Busy trip tip

Sometimes your trip maybe a little bit faster than usual and you may not have much time to wash and style your hair, in case of that, what you need is a Mallowsmooth collection. This is an ideal Travel collection that comprises of Mallowsmooth Shampoo, Mallowsmooth Conditioner, Lavender Smooth Balm, and Minibrush Tomato. The best thing about using this is that it gets the job done in a few minutes, and off you go.

  1. Try different styles

When traveling it is ideal to try different hair styles as sticking to your usual style may be a bit difficult. Opt for more simple hairstyles that will require less time and effort and will, of course, suit you. You can also make use of a Wrap Around Pony, Bee Hive Pony or Bump Up Pony, layered with a Layered Bang or Clip In Strip to give your hair a more special balanced look.

  1. For an excellent touch

The use of Amika’s mighty mini ionic dryer to eliminate frizz and deliver a smooth style of a beautiful, shiny and silky hair. With the stress that sometimes comes with traveling, this dryer always does the magic for my hair, and I can't imagine leaving without it.

  1. Finally, do not forget to pack your eye and facial treatment mask as they'll help keep your skin soft and radiant.


Now, you can enjoy those breathtaking sights, take photos and look exceptionally beautiful throughout your journey.

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