The side effects of Dubai weather on your hair

The side effects of Dubai weather on your hair

The weather here in Dubai has a great impact on our hair just like it has on our lives. The two common factors of summertime weather in Dubai are heat and humidity. Any woman who’s ever put an effort on styling her hair and stepped outdoors on a hot summer’s day can tell you how heat and humidity can ruin a hairstyle. So how these both factors affect your hair are:


Over a humid day, dry curly hair will attract and absorb water vapor in the air, creating the composition of the molecules in your hair to break down. So if your hair is decent, the surplus moisture absorbed can be too heavy for your hair strands, creating a loss of volume and shape of hairs. If you have thick hair, this extra moisture will cause your strands to expand, which will lead to uncontrollable frizz. The sweat will also choose your hair weak and untidy. It will also become the cause of development of bacteria in the scalp which leads to itching and scalp problems.


Direct exposure to heat from the sunlight can be hugely damaging to the overall health of your hair. It can have the same effect on your hair as it is of blow-drying, styling and washing hair with non-conditioning products has. All these things and activities can dry out your hair or reduces the ability to hold on to moisture.  Likewise, exposure to UV rays can harm the molecular structure of your hair, making your hair dry, damaged and colorless.

So what’s the best solution to keep your hair looking fabulous and healthy in any kind of weather?

This can be done by the use of hair conditioning treatments, as they protect the hair from all kinds of things and also enhance their growth while making them stronger and resistant to weather conditions. So some of the recommended hair conditioning treatments are:

Keratin Treatment

Keratin hair-straightening treatment could shorten your blow-dry time by 40% to 60% which is great if you daily straighten your hair. You can forget about frizzy hair after treatment, you can walk out in the moist or light rain and your hair won’t change.

Hair Botox Treatment

The main effect of hair botox is that it increases the softness of hair and making it more manageable to brush and comb, the hair is so soft that it slips through your fingers. Also, the hair will look shiny and you will notice split ends and brittle strands that happen due to heat will diminish and your hair will look healthier than before.

Biolustre Treatment

The Biolustre Treatment promises to instantly restore health and shine to your hair and repair any damage in just one application. It makes your hair completely frizz free and healthy.

l'oreal treatment for damaged hair

It repairs the extensively damaged hair, giving them a new life and restoring them to their youthful state.


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Before and after images from @BeautyByEdge Instagram are below...

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